Francesco Smalto


The novelist Françoise Sagan once wrote of Francesco Smalto: “He is one of those rare men who can combine luxury and austerity, the everyday and brilliance. He is a craftsman and a nobleman”. It is to this handsome definition that the firm has remained faithful since its beginnings, and it is now fifty years old.

Here, men do not come in search of the changing winds of fashion but to rediscover the spirit of couture that discloses its identity as closely as possible. Exceptional fabrics and materials, impeccable precision of the cut, care for the slightest detail. In addition to this master craftsmanship, there is another basic concept, that of offering comfort before all else!

As a unique French fashion house that perpetuates the tradition of bespoke tailoring, Smalto cultivates its unique identity. It is a spirit of chic and it is more contemporary than ever.