Daniel Hechter

The Daniel Hechter brand has its origin in Paris, the fashion capital.

Mode von DanFashion from Daniel Hechter blends French savoir faire with sporty elegance. It garbs wearers in the certainty of always being well dressed.

Fashion from Daniel Hechter conveys a lifestyle feeling, rendering the brand both authentic and appealing.

Licenses burnish the image of the Daniel Hechter lifestyle world.

Brands provide orientation in a world of immense variety. They offer consumers values with which they can identify and convey an attitude towards life which they can accept and assimilate as their own. At the same time, brands help their wearers set them- selves apart in order to convey individuality and personality.

A brand is a piece of famil- iar territory, a port to call home in fast-paced society in which new trends are born each day as other vanish. They convey an awareness of mutual interests. Yet brands are not a changeless entity. They, too, must continually develop in order to reflect the ever-flowing tides of social changes. This infuses them with life and is crucial to their strength and appeal.